Professional Home Dental Care Products to Keep Grinners Grinning.


Home dental care products are designed to help you stay healthy until your next dental visit.


Featured products:

Cleaning & Whitening Care Kits. 


Powerful, professional dental trio, cleans, whitens, and strengthens your smile.

Perio Daily Defense Gels.


Brushing teeth is made fun with an electric toothbrush and a free kids brushing app that teaches your child how to properly brush their teeth. And with the berry flavored toothpaste, your child will keep their grinners grinning.

Perio Daily Defense Gels.


Used in conjunction with scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) to decrease gum pocket depths. Recommended to alleviate first warning signs of gum disease (gingivitis) to more advanced stages (periodontitis). Warning: side effects include whiter teeth and fresher breath. 

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